2018 Goals

Hello dear friends,

Lots has happened since we last talked and I have some exciting news: I am expecting and am 22 weeks along! It has been quite the journey and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful for this blessing.  When I got pregnant, I got a bit stuck in not knowing how to address this big life change on social media. I decided to take a mini hiatus to clear my mind and [hopefully] figure it out.  And what better way to get back to our little space on the internet than with some dreamy 2018 goals?! [Preggo or not, this planning-loving, Type A gal likes to have a clear vision for the year ahead. 😉 You can check out my 2017 resolutions here.]

Getting away can make all the difference

Last year, I went on a girls trip with my bestie to Seattle [get the itinerary and recommendations here.] One of of the things that she said to me during one of our many girl-talk catch up sessions really stuck with me. “Right now, all I crave is simplicity.” During that time in my life, there was a lot going on and everything felt busy and overwhelming.  Her simple [no pun intended] yet profound statement hit home.

Simplicity.  Hmm…

As soon as she said it, I realized that I had been making my own life anything but simple, and I decided then and there that I would change that. Since then, I have been de-stressing, de-cluttering and streamlining.  I started to change my day to day outlook on work as well as life.  I have always yearned for zen but now I decided to actually live my own mantra.  Shifting my perspective and making certain changes [see goals below] has allowed me to get clear and actually do more with less effort and stress.  This conversation last July has helped me formulate what I wish to achieve this year.

2018 Goals

In 2018, I hope to accomplish and live out the following dreams:

  • Live Simply

In keeping with the simplicity theme, I want to continue keeping everything in my day to day life as simple as possible.  I aim to make things easier by planning ahead, releasing the need to be a people-pleaser 24×7, saying “no” to anything that doesn’t get me excited and not caring what other people think! [The last one is so hard for me but I continue to work on that…]

  • Find Clarity

One of the beautiful by-products of removing anything from your life that doesn’t bring you joy is the clarity that you find. You start to quickly see what makes your heart sing, the people in your life that are truly part of your tribe, and more.  This year, I hope to continue to gain clarity around how to grow this blog and make this a place that helps you live out your best life professionally and personally.

  • Stop the Comparison Trap

In addition to getting pregnant, one of the reasons that I took a hiatus from the blog and social media was because I felt myself drowning in the comparison game. Look at this blogger, she’s so consistent, her content is so much better, she’s truly helping other young women. What do I have to offer? These negative thoughts plagued me as I scrolled through instagram and would give me anxiety. As soon as I realized that was happening, I knew I needed a break.  I think that regardless of whether you run an online business, have a blog, or are just posting personal photos, the comparison trap can bring you down.  I have been off of social media for almost 4 months now and it has made me calmer.  With my return, I hope to limit my scrolling time to this blog and connecting with you all.  All of the other comparing can go by the wayside… 🙂

  • Read one book per month

Now that I’ve been off social media and we cancelled cable [another post on that later!], I have been setting aside 30 minutes each day for reading.  In January, I read The Namesake.  My February book is Think Like a Freak.  In addition to a book, we also subscribe to the Dallas Morning News which I read every morning.  Adding some time each morning for reading has transformed my life.  I feel more informed and connected with the world, as well as Dallas!

  • See one theatrical production each quarter

I love musical theatre, plays, the opera, dance… you name it!  Anytime I see a show, it enriches my life and makes me happy. But I realized that last year, I didn’t really make an effort to actually go see many shows! This year, I want to go see some kind of production at least once every quarter.  My plan for Q1 is to see The Waitress with my girlfriends and Les Mis in Q2.  [After that, we will play it by ear once baby comes. 🙂 I’m so bummed to be missing Lion King!]

These are my top five goals for the year. Of course I have others regarding my career, this blog, fitness, synagogue involvement and more. But sticking with the simplicity theme, I want to focus on what I can do to increase my happiness day to day and to make life more easy going. I hope that these spur some ideas for you and how you can streamline your own life. I’d love to hear what you’re wanting to work on this year so let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. Love all of your goals!! The simplicity goal hit home for me. I found myself putting Julian in so many activities that when we put him in soccer he refused to play. I found myself comparing my parenting to the other moms and even comparing Julian. Why won’t Julian play? He loves soccer! Why am I driving around town to make all these activities and then he doesn’t participate? We dropped soccer and as soon as we did he excelled in swim and seemed more confident to me. I was doing too much. I’m sad it took us three months to realize what we were doing to him but thankful that I realized what I was doing wrong.
    Simplicity , love it.

    1. Liz, I love that! It’s so true. I’m so glad that he’s doing so awesome in swim! (Not to mention is the cutest babe in town.) ?? you are also the best mom!! Will be learning lots from you. ☺️

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