Best Men’s Products for Women

Ok, ladies. Can we just get real for a minute here? There are several “men’s” products that I have been using for the last couple of years that I absolutely love. I would’ve never heard about them or even tried them had I not been living with a man who uses them on the daily. So when I would run out of soap or a razor, I’d have to open up one of my husband’s, and lo and behold, I liked them so much better than my own! This post is all about the best men’s products that women can use as well.   My favorite ones that I use on a daily/weekly basis are below:

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1) Dove Men’s Soap: This soap has the little exfoliating beads and smells great! I feel so clean after using it and I love that it gives me a dose of exfoliation every time I shower.  It doesn’t have an overly “masculine” scent. It smells so fresh and so clean clean. 🙂


2) Dollar Shave Club: If you haven’t heard of this subscription service, you need to check them out! You pay a certain amount per month and they send you a razor with blades on your first order, and then razor blades monthly after that.  We use the 4X blade and I love it.  I never felt that women’s razors worked as well as men’s razors and have been using men’s razors since right after college.  DSC makes it so easy and you never have to run to Walgreens/CVS last minute because you ran out (I remember those days…)


3) One Wipe Charlies: Ok, yes, I am going there.  These peppermint-scented wipes are for your tush and they are heavenly! I will just leave it at that.  They are also part of the Dollar Shave Club product line and can be sent to you monthly. We get these in both the regular and travel size for trips!

Do you have any products that are “for men” that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below.

Get the products here: Dove Soap // One Wipe Charlies // Dollar Shave Club Razor

4 thoughts on “Best Men’s Products for Women

  1. I use the dove men’s soap ALL THE TIME! I also like to use men’s deodorant–no cancer causing antiperspirant and smells just fine!

    1. Awesome!! Which deodorant do you use? For years I really tried all natural, aluminum free deodorants, and after them all not working I finally gave up! I use the cucumber dove deodorant (for women.) ??

        1. Haha amazing! I think my husband is going to start hiding his stuff from me if I start on the deodorant as well ??‍♂️???‍♂️

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