How Getting Rid of Cable Changed My Life

Hey friends!

Before making this seemingly drastic decision of getting rid of cable, my husband and I talked about it for quite some time.   The 500 channels that we were paying for were clearly not being utilized.  We spent most of our time in the evenings watching mind-numbing programs that were just on for background noise.  We enjoyed winding down with The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy [his fave] and the evening panel news discussions [mine].

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Sprucing Up For Summer

Every year around this time, I like to brighten up our house for summer.  Spring has definitely come and gone, which is felt starkly in Texas when the 95+ degrees envelope you. 🙂  Kids are out of school, life seems to slow down (with some intention on my end) and the pool calls my name.

There are several things I like to do to make this transition into the new season:

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