Top 5 Pregnancy Beauty Products

Hey friends!

Happy Spring! I love this season because everything that was once seemingly asleep is now coming back to life.  The trees have started to bloom, the flower bushes are budding once more, spring fashion is upon us, and this mama-to-be is 28 weeks along!

There were certain things that came along with pregnancy that surprised me.   For example, the changes in my hair and skin!  My hair has become much thicker during the first two trimesters.  A lot of the places where I had previously lost hair [in the baby hair area around my scalp], welcomed new growth.  My skin on the other hand, became extremely dry and flaky.  I have combination skin which is oilier in the T-Zone and dryer in all of the other areas.  Pregnancy turbo-charged the dryness to a whole new level.

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