Packing List for Napa, Portland and Vancouver

Hey y’all,

This Thursday we leave to Napa Valley! [We then head to Portland a few days later, and then Vancouver after that]! To say that I’m excited is an understatement.  This is our first real vacation this year.  [we took a trip to NYC a few months ago but that was a long weekend. :)] I’m thrilled to get to unplug and just relax.

I had to travel yesterday and today for work as one of my projects went live and it is an exciting time to say the least! (If you’re interested, you can read a little more about it here.) Needless to say, my schedule didn’t leave much time for packing.  Luckily, I had already been planning ahead in terms of what I wanted to pack.  I also shopped for any last minute #FallStaples that I wanted to take with me.  I definitely went for a Fall vibe for this trip, and am hoping that the heat wave in Cali dissipates by the time we get there. Packing for both summer and fall and for three different cities can be a bit overwhelming, but here’s what I’m planning to bring with me:

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A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend Jen and I went to Seattle for a long weekend. When we were brainstorming about which cities to visit, Seattle was top on our list! Neither of us had been to the Pacific Northwest prior to this trip, so we dived right in.  [Side note: Jen and I studied abroad in Seville, Spain our junior year of college so needless to say, we are lifelong travel partners!].  Jen and I are both planners and as it so happens, neither of us had planned anything for this trip other than the working itinerary I had managed to put together on my flight. With this guide book (which was great), we ended up planning the trip together once we got there.

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Hey y’all!

When we were planning our trip to New York, I started looking for some cute walking shoes.  From my experience, that has been an oxymoron. 🙂 However, I felt determined to prove myself wrong.  [In the past, I had purchased Clark’s that my husband made fun of me for because they looked so nerdy! So comfy, yet so nerdy!] So I started to scour the internet for recommendations for comfortable walking shoes where you didn’t have to sacrifice on style.  I looked at various shoes and settled on the Pikolinos Alcudia sandals. They are gladiator-style sandals and I got the ones in ‘Brandy.’  I have to say, these are a little more “outdoorsy” than I typically tend to go but I actually love that they’re a little more rugged.

So here’s the scoop, brass tacks:

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For our two year wedding anniversary, my hubby surprised me with a trip to New York. I had not been to NYC since I was a sophomore in college, exactly 10 years ago! Naturally, I ran and bought a guide book immediately. (My research showed that this guide book was the best one, and it did not disappoint.)

With most cities, guide books and online / pinterest searches can give you all of the best restaurants, sites, activities, etc. However, with New York, I was totally overwhelmed with all of the food options — there are SO MANY amazing restaurants to choose from.  Being my maximizer self, combined with an insatiable desire to find the best places to eat (ahem, self-proclaimed foodie right here), I hit up my New York contacts for their recommendations. I also checked out one of my favorite (and most reliable) foodie websites, Eater.

So, I’ll start off this NYC recommendations list with my favorite places to eat, and then go to hotel, sites and activities.

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