Current Favorites: Podcasts, Slides & Dainty Necklaces

For today’s post, I wanted to do a roundup of some of my current favorite things: podcasts, slides and dainty necklaces.


First things first: Podcasts.  Recently, whenever I’ve needed some background noise, some inspiration or just some food for the creative / entrepreneurial soul, I’ve turned on a podcast. Some of you recently asked how I prefer to consume podcasts and for me, the most convenient way is though my phone. I click on my “podcasts” app and all of my podcasts are there. I’ll either subscribe to one that I’m loving or I’ll search for individual episodes that I listen to.  Today I want to share with you my favorite podcasts that I’m listening to right now:

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1) Being Boss: Ceative entrepreneurs – this one is for you. Kathleen and Emily just speak to my soul and I soak up everything they put out.  My favorite episodes recently have been:

  • Episode #42 – Brene Brown. I recently talked about my newfound obsession with brene brown in this post and it was this episode that started it all.
  • Episode #110 – F*ck Fear with Jay Pryor. For my spiritual gals looking for a life coach, you have one here with Jay. (He actually has his own podcast as well which I’m listening to and loving! More on that later…) Jay is a transgender man who coaches women. He is an incredible wealth of knowledge and know-how on how to navigate towards the healing we desire in all facets of life.

2) School of Greatness: Lewis Howes was a professional athlete turned entrepreneur, speaker, author and podcast-er. His upbeat energy and positive vibe always get me amped up to continue on my path and keep following my dreams (as cheesy as that sounds.). My favorite episodes have been:

  • Episode – How to build a massive social media following


Ok, now let’s talk shoes. Specifically, the IT shoe of the moment: Mules (and /or Slides.  Mules are close-toed and slides are open-toed).  I mean, I’m all about the Gucci mule but let’s get real. 😉 This girl is not about to drop $650 on a pair of shoes that might not be en vogue by next spring. So I found a few slides that I’m loving: these (pictured above) and these.  Are they going to last forever? No. But I don’t need them to. These are fun and cute and giving me my summer slide fix. 🙂


Now, let’s talk about what I’m probably most excited about: affordable delicate jewelry. I posted about this on insta this week. The necklaces that I am loving right now are these Made by Mary chokers, Zolas and hammered necklaces. Price range-wise, in the spectrum between Neimans and cheap costume jewelry, they are definitely closer to the more affordable side. I love these necklaces because they’re beautiful, can be layered and I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of some of my current faves! If there are any podcasts y’all are loving right now, let me know in the comments below! I hope this post provides you some inspiration to start your weekend off right! Lots of love…

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