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Happy Monday! In honor of #nationallipstickday a few weeks ago and all the beauty vibes it evoked, let’s talk lip glosses.  Do you need to shell out $25-35 per tube for the designer brands, or are the drugstore versions just as good? I’ve always wondered that as the only high-end lip glosses I used to use were the Lancôme samples that my mom would give me 🙈. I kept them for years (my newly aware self cringes at the thought of how expired they probably were…) But now that I’m becoming more beauty product savvy, I will share what I learn as I go.  I hope this saves you the time from having to test these out and brings some ease into this part of your life!

Ok, so here’s the skinny. I tested the following six lip glosses over the last month and these are my thoughts from best to worse:
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1) MAC Lipglass (Pink Noveau) – there’s nothing better, hands down.  It provides the perfect amount of thickness when you apply it, without clumping.  It has the opaqueness of an all day matte lipstick, but the shine of a gloss! When I first tried to get this at a MAC store, they were all sold out. I finally got my hands on one and I don’t think I’ll go back!

2) NYX Butter Gloss (Eclair) – You guys might’ve seen my insta story several weeks back where I shared that I was so excited to finally try this one! I had heard about it from beauty bloggers and magazines for so long and i now understand why it’s such a fan favorite. While it’s not as thick or opaque as the MAC lipglass, it’s a great consistency and stays on longer than your average lipgloss.

3) Kylie Lipgloss (So Cute) – while I didn’t love the color that I bought (I always find it hard buying lipsticks / glosses online because you can’t try them on), the overall application and pigmentation of the lipgloss was pretty solid. This gloss is a bit different than the others in that it has a little brush (instead of a sponge) for an applicator and the color is pretty pigmented.  I prefer the sponge so perhaps that’s another reason I didn’t love it.

4) Charlotte Tilbury (Ibiza Nights) – I originally bought this gloss to put over my CT KKW Nude lipstick whenever I wanted some shine. The lipgloss by itself is fine but nothing spectacular. I do like it in combination with the CT KKW lipstick (more on that later!)

5) Revlon (Snow Pink) – I didn’t love this one. It’s $8.49, will do the trick if you need to run in to Ulta and grab something quickly, but it’s not my favorite. It’s not super pigmented and doesn’t last that long, so why not go with NYX which costs $3-4 less?

6) Estée Lauder (Passionate Fuschia) – I was honestly surprised by this! I would say Revlon and Estée Lauder tied in 5th place for me.  I felt like the color wasn’t as pigmented as I expected and it didn’t last that long.  If you’re looking for something more sheer, again the NYX is a great balance of that at a better price point.

I hope this helps you and takes the hassle out of your next lipgloss purchase! Do you have any favorites that I didn’t list? Let me know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Designer vs. Drugstore Lipgloss

  1. I’m totally bookmarking this post! I was inside Ulta the other day and was so tempted to buy the NYX butter gloss. I’m definitely going to try it after your recommendation. I love Mac lippies too.

  2. Two of my favourites are right at the top! Mac Glosses are just amazing and Nyx are pretty good for a bargain. Great post.

  3. Lip glosses are my preferred!!! I don’t like lipstick on me as I think I look so awful!!! But its always hard to find a good lipgloss. Look how you detailed each one. You’ve given me some things to think about. X

  4. Revlon & MAC are always on my list! I love their shades and colors. Thank you for sharing &, I’ll try out your suggestions! (y)

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeart♥

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