Current Faves: Apps, Podcasts, Business Leaders

Hey y’all!

It’s finally fall and I feel like I’m living my best mini-pumpkin overloaded life over here. [But seriously, I just snagged a bag of mini white and orange pumpkins from Tom Thumb…insert *squeal* here].

As we enter into the new season and the start of Q4, my goal-setting and personal development self is operating at an all-time high. I think it also might have something to do with the fact that Rosh Hashana was last week, which is the Jewish New Year for anyone who doesn’t celebrate. 🙂 The New Year always brings out my desire to create new resolutions or at least revisit old ones. [Check out out my 2017 goals and H2 goals.] I plan on writing up my Q4 goals in the near future!

Today I want to chat about some of my favorite podcasts, apps and business leaders that I hope help you in your day to day lives.  I am always on the search for the best tools and thought leaders to help me become a more efficient businesswoman and now blogger/influencer.

My Favorite Apps, Podcasts and Business Leaders are listed below.

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  • So Timely – If you’re looking to become more productive during the day and to know what you’re really working on, try out this app. I used the free trial version to track my daily hours and what specific activities I was working on.  It was a total eye-opening experience because I realized how inefficient I was throughout the day.  [Thanks to Emily Thompson for introducing me to it in this post.]
  • Headspace – If you want to get into meditating but are too intimidated by the process or just don’t know where to start, get headspace.  It’s a free app that walks you through meditations in a very practical way.  I recently got into a rut with my meditation practice. So I downloaded this app to get some more structure around my practice and I love it!
  • Brendan Burchard – I was recently introduced to Brendan through an episode of MarieTV.  The work that he has done to write his latest book about high performing leaders is fascinating. He breaks down the 6 habits that anyone can learn to become a high performer.  The research he did for this book is the most extensive that has ever been done in this subject.  I can’t wait to buy the book, read it and mark it up with notes and post-its!  Since I have four other books in front of this one, I decided to first listen to excerpts from the books on his podcast here.  
  • Being Boss – I have talked again and again about this podcast.  It’s one of my favorites because it’s so practical and gives you actionable to-dos to help take your creative business to the next level.  Co-hosts Emily and Kathleen are such awesome #GirlBosses who are incredibly inspiring with their own personal business successes.  They cover a range of topics including how to avoid burnout, set goals and develop your brand.
  • Gary Vaynerchuck – I feel like Gary has blown up recently! Or maybe it’s just because I’ve only recently started following him on his social media platforms and see him everywhere.  [He’s also a Russian immigrant like me so it’s super inspiring to see his success!] Gary is an entrepreneur that focuses on his digital media agency, wine club and other business ventures.  Most importantly, he is known for hitting it hard 24X7 to grow his business and cement his legacy.  His content is super straight-forward and not for the faint of heart [let the cuss words fly!] He is inspiring and gives me a boost when I need to grind out some work!
  • Marie Forleo – Marie is a long time favorite of mine.  She lives her life out loud and doesn’t care what others think of her potentially unconventional style for a “businessperson” [whatever that means].  She releases a weekly MarieTV episode where she either interviews someone or produces her own content around business, productivity, work-life balance and more.  Marie brings so much of her personality to her episodes and content and she inspires me to be more of myself in the business world.

Ok, enough about productivity and daily life hacks. 🙂 Let’s talk about this beautiful outfit!  This top is on sale for $61 and it’s one of my favorite date night tops.  It has also been a great transition piece from summer to fall.  I also remember only one other time in my life that I wore a long skirt [outside of synagogue] and it was probably 15 years ago.  But I love this one! It’s another great transition piece and it can be dressed up or down.  You can wear it like I did or pair it with a casual linen top like this.

Hope this post provides you the inspiration you need to finish out the year strong! Do you have any apps or podcasts that help you in the day to day grind? Or any business leaders you love following for their incredibly helpful content? Let me know! I’d love to hear about them and check them out. 

Get the look here: BR top // BR skirt // Dolce Vita block heels // Shoes (old, similar) // Michael Kors Two-Tone watch

Photography by: Megan Weaver

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