Favorite Product for Acne: Tend Skin

I never had a pimple throughout puberty. I would always see kids breaking out in middle school and I didn’t understand it.  I would actually find myself wanting a pimple so that I would feel normal! (Can’t believe that now as I look back…)

All of that changed when I turned 23/24.  All of a sudden, I started breaking out like crazy. I got cystic acne all over my chin. That was the main area where it aggregated, but sometimes I would get breakouts along my t-zone as well.

I was devastated and had no idea how to handle this change in my body, especially as an adult! Over the next 7 years, I would spend countless dollars and precious time going to dermatologists, estheticians, researching on the web and buying products to try and remedy the situation. Several dermatologists that I went to either prescribed medicine that caused even more issues (i.e. gastrointestinal problems) or just didn’t fix the problem at all. I have also gone to both ineffective and effective estheticians who have either hurt or helped my skin heal.  Over the last couple of years, I have found an amazing dermatologist who helped me heal my acne through medication and topical creams. I didn’t want to be on medication forever and once I got off, my acne did come back.  I have been told that my acne is hormonal and there’s nothing that will fully heal it other than medication.  Additionally, I have found a wonderful esthetician who helped me discover the product I’m so excited to tell you about today: TEND SKIN.

Around the time I got off the medication from my dermatologist and my acne started to come back, I was referred to an esthetician.  She is incredible and is the one that gave me a sample of Tend Skin after my first facial.  She told me to wipe it over my chin / nose / forehead (t-zone) twice a day after washing my face.  After using it for a month, I knew that I would have to buy a bottle when I came back to see her, because my acne and redness started disappearing! I couldn’t believe it.  Since I started doing that approximately 6 months ago, my acne has finally been regulated.  I no longer have the cysts, the redness has decreased and my chin has cleared up for the most part (other than the occasional pimple I get when I’m stressed, going on lack of sleep or have been eating poorly.)  I have not used as effective of a product as Tend Skin since I started getting the breakouts 7 years ago and it has been an amazing addition to my skincare regimen.

What’s really interesting is that the product was not formulated for acne healing purposes.  It’s a solution that’s meant to prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn.  So the fact that it’s helped heal my hormonal acne gives me hope and faith that it can do the same for you, if you’re struggling with this same issue.  I also love the fact that it’s only $12.59 on Target’s website!

I hope this product helps y’all as much as it’s helped me. 🙂 Let me know what you guys use for your skincare, especially if you have any great acne-clearing products!

P.S. I will be doing several posts soon about my favorite vendors/services/restaurants/doctors/etc. in Dallas where I will be including my esthetician and dermatologist. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Favorite Product for Acne: Tend Skin

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I think I have hormonal acne, but im not quite sure. No matter how hard I scrub ever since I started working out it only seemed to get worst and has now spread to by back, arms, and chest as a woman.

    I will try this product as recommended 🙂

    1. I feel you girl!! Good luck on your search! If you are also open to trying new products, an oil-free moisturizer topped with Argan Oil has been helping me as well. (I have combination skin on my t-zone and dry skin elsewhere.) 💗

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