Fresh New Week & Spending Habits

Hey y’all,
I hope you had a great weekend and are excited to start the fresh new week! We saw La La Land, which was phenomenal, and I’m so glad Emma Stone took home the Oscar for best actress.  I cried at the end and I won’t tell you why, in case you haven’t seen it yet! 😉 The weather is going berzerk, as it usually does in February in Dallas, and I’m loving the excuse to be wearing a warmer top in February.

The shoes I’m wearing in this shoot are pretty nostalgic for me. Unfortunately they’re no longer sold (I’m sorry about that and I linked some super cute, similar ones below!), but they hold a special place in my heart.  They were the first designer shoes I bought after graduating college and being on my own.  They are Michael Kors and I think they were about $125 in 2008, and let me tell you, I thought I had made it.

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I am a pretty conservative spender and it’s takes me months, sometimes years to make a decision on a big purchase. I was listening to the first episode of the “Happier” podcast by Gretchen Rubin this morning and she talks about maximizers vs. satisficers.  It definitely took me back to this specific shoe purchase and a lot of my behaviors suddenly made sense! I am definitely a maximizer, which explains why it can take me such a long time to make a decision! {Satisficers can reach a decision once their needs are met, while maximizers try and get the maximum benefit of all decisions which can prolong the decision-making process and lead to more anxiety, etc. Gretchen goes into the difference of both in this episode.}

When I was 21 years old and freshly out of college, these shoes were a huge investment and luckily one of my girlfriends pushed me over the edge.  I was living in Houston at the time and we were in the MK store in the Galleria, and I was going back and forth and back and forth about buying them. {Being my typical Maximizer self…} Mind you, I had already looked at them online for the last several months! Finally, she said, “you’re a working woman and you deserve to treat yourself!” And I did it. And here we are nine years later and I still treasure them.  I’m all about being prudent with your spending, so a lot of my looks include affordable items mixed with some higher end pieces. However, I’m also all about loving yourself and treating yourself, in whichever way is viable for you!

Besides this incredibly fun top, this outfit features some of my wardrobe staples:

1) These Sevens skinny jeans are my go-to date night/going out jeans. They fit incredibly well and I love the dark shade, which always gives your look a more dressed-up feel.
2) These Dior aviator glasses are my high-end pair of sunglasses that I own.   They look great and I can take them into Nordstrom for a tuneup whenever I need if a screw is ever loose.
3) This Revlon pink lipstick is a drugstore favorite of mine.  It goes on super rich and smooth and stays on for a good period of time! It’s also under $10.  A lot of times this color (Orchid) is sold out, so I linked another website that carries it if Ulta/Walgreens/CVS doesn’t have it in stock.

Happy Monday, y’all! Here’s to kicking butt and taking names this week!
Get the look here: Revlon Lipstick (in Orchid) // Dior Aviator Sunglasses // Panacea earrings // Revolve top // Sevens skinny jeans // heels: similarsimilar

Photography by: Ashley Kay Photography

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  1. Oh my goodness. You are amazing. Love everything about this and looking it thus maximizer idea right now as I can not make a decision to save my life.

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