New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I like to sit down and write out my resolutions / goals for the upcoming year.  2016 was an amazing year of nesting, focusing on my home and family, travel, pushing forward at work and more.  It was also a challenging year at times.  I found myself yearning for something more, something bigger than myself, to which I could connect – both on the career front and from a community perspective.  I feel like 2016 was a year of planning and preparation and the time is here to spread my (our) metaphorical wings.  The new year always brings about a new energy of fresh beginnings and I definitely feel like 2017 has many in store. I hope you guys feel that way too.  Here are my goals for the year:

  1. START A BLOG! – Yes, step 1 is complete. But I feel like it’s just the beginning! I have been really inspired over the last year by all of the fashion / beauty / spiritual / business bloggers that I have followed and have felt a yearning to join this beautiful community.
  1. FIND MY TRIBE – This year I hope to get really involved in something I enjoy and feel passionate about, whether that’s volunteering at my synagogue or another organization that gives back.
  1. WORK OUT – 1-3 times a week. Now I know that to some of you fitness lovers, that might not sound like a lot. But 2015 & 2016 were all about me getting into a groove with working out, trying out new programs and 2017 is all about consistency.
  1. DRINK WATER – Ever since I got a YETI, it has changed my life. When I drink 80 ounces a day, my skin is clearer and I feel so much better. This is a biggie for this year and I can’t wait to blog more about skincare in the future.
  1. SKIN CARE REGIMEN – wash my face, moisturize, anti-wrinkle cream it up and repeat. I am notoriously bad about taking off my makeup before going to bed, so I’m going to work hard to make this a habit!
  1. BE GRATEFUL – Meditating and journaling are my go-tos for keeping me sane. I definitely don’t do this every day like I’d like, but the goal is get on my meditation pillow and journal about everything I’m grateful for at least 3x a week.
  1. HAVE FUN – one of my favorite spiritual gurus, Gabby Bernstein, says to measure your success by how much fun you’re having. This is something I started throughout the last weeks of 2016. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it on my nightstand.  At first it felt silly, but then anytime I found myself in a whiny mood, I thought about the mantra and it shifted my perspective.

I would love to hear what your 2017 resolutions are. Leave notes below!