Best Dallas Vendors / Services

If you are looking for a great tailor, jewelry repair shop, nail salon and more, I’ve rounded up my favorite Dallas vendors/services for you!  I used to live in the Uptown area and moved to North Dallas a couple of years ago.  So I will be including my favorite places in both areas (when applicable).

Best Tailor

  • Old World Tailor (North Dallas) – Anna is so easy to talk to and reminds me of my mom who also had an alterations shop when I was growing up.   So coming here feels a bit like home.  🙂 Anna is experienced and knowledgeable.  She is an excellent seamstress and has saved more couch pillows than I care to admit from when our dog Morty was in his puppy phase.  She has redone my dresses/pants/jackets, re-hemmed all of my husband’s slacks (even the ones that were hemmed initially be the department store) and more.  She is a favorite stop for me on my errand run on Saturdays and most of the time I end up staying for at least 15 minutes to just chat and catch up.  Her prices are also very reasonable.
  • HP Valet Tailor (Uptown) – I went to Jin for the 3 years that I lived in the area.  She is a talented seamstress who always did a great job on my clothes.  She would even take pieces last minute when I had to go out of town for a wedding (or whatever reason!) Jin’s prices are a little high but she is also on the edge of Highland Park so it’s to be expected for that area.

Best Jewelry Repair

  • Al Momentum (North Dallas) – Al is one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet.  He’s kind and great at what he does.  I take all of my jewelry to him to get fixed or altered.  He can do very delicate work as well, like when he made one of my “dainty necklaces” into a choker for me.  His pricing is very fair and you will feel good just talking to him. 🙂
  • Quikset Jewelry & Watch Repair (Lemmon) – This was the place I used for any jewelry repair when I lived in Uptown.  They were professional and did a good job!

Best Nail Salon:

  • Bellacures (North Dallas) – this is one of those nail salons that you find and think, “finally!” I think all of us girls (and even more and more guys these days…) are always on the lookout for a great nail salon and an even better nail technician.  There’s just something about being able to come in, plop down into a comfy chair with a magazine in hand, and take a few minutes to yourself to be pampered.  I’ve tried various places throughout DFW and this one is my favorite.  It’s in a great location (Susie Cakes is two doors down so that is always a temptation!) and the energy here is really happy and sunny. 🙂 April is usually running the salon when I’m there and she has personally helped me find some of my favorite nail polishes (i.e. OPI’s Let’s Be Friends, which is the perfect mix between  a white & light pink hue.) I think they’re also one of the best salons for gel as they make it look very natural.  Pricing is fairly standard and you will be sure to run into someone here or at least see someone you recognize!
  • Hiatus Spa + Retreat (Lovers) – if you want an all natural salon (with all natural nail polish), this place is it.  If you want the most luxurious mani/pedi that you will ever get (at least that I’ve ever gotten), this place is it.  I treated myself to a mani/pedi here and it was heavenly.  They give you a lush robe, there’s herbal tea to drink and you sit in a fancy massage chair with an eye mask on your face.  Most importantly, they treat you like a queen!

Best Cobbler

  • The Cobbler (North Dallas) – this place has been in business for over 100 years and it still feels so old fashioned when you come in.  They use paper tickets to track all of the shoes (no computer here!) and I love it.  It makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time and also makes you stop and appreciate the moment (especially when your 2017/millennial/I need everything at my fingers right away mentality kicks in when they have to find your shoes off of the paper ticket, and god forbid that takes more than 5 minutes.) 🙂
  • Deno’s (Highland Park) – if you need a place to go to in Central Dallas, everyone knows Deno’s.  It’s located in the beautiful Highland Park Village shopping center and is a place you can count on.  It’s pricey and sometimes it can take them a while to get your order done because they are always super busy, but you know it’ll be done right.  It’s also an excuse to go to Highland Park Village and do a little window shopping. 🙂

Best Esthetician

  • European Skin Care by Janet Firshteyn (North Dallas) – Janet really helped me get my skin under control.  She is the one who introduced me to Tend Skin which I shared in this post.  She has been working as an esthetician for over 20 years, she trained in Europe and uses the Guinot product line during her facials.  I see her once a month for “maintenance.” 🙂

Best Landscaping

  • Steve Swenson Landscape Designs (Dallas) – I worked with Steve for our landscaping in the front of our house.  One of my girlfriends had worked with him and referred him to me.  He was so easy to work with, understood our vision and stuck within our price range.  He also has a great team of skilled people who execute the job on time!

Best Hairstylist

  • Danielle Alyson (Lemmon) – Danielle is an incredibly talented hairstylist.  She is an expert in extensions (which I don’t have) and color.  I started her seeing several years ago and she been doing my hair ever since, including for my wedding! You can follow her on social media here to see her work.

Best Dry-Cleaners

  • Bibbentuckers (Uptown & North Dallas) – They pick up your drycleaning from your front doorstep!! Need I say more?!  I have used several dry cleaners in DFW and once you weed out the bad ones that ruin your clothes, all of them are essentially the same except for price.  Well not Bibbentuckers.  The service you get is amazing.  I leave my clothes out front on a specific day for my area, they pick it up, and drop it off 2 days later.  It’s incredible and has removed one extra errand for me to run!

Best Eyebrown threading

  • iBollywood Stylz (Lemmon) – I am of Russian/Jewish descent, and let me tell you, I have had a VERY strong brow game since I was young. 😉 My friends would make fun of me in the 7th grade for my thick eyebrows.  I’ve been to the best waxers and threaders in the city and iBollywood Stylz has been by far my best experience for threading.  I have very sensitive skin so I have to watch out for any treatments I get.  I have had my skin break out from previous threading due to the technician not removing the full strand of hair from the follicle and only taking off what was on the surface.  No issues like that here! It’s in a little unsuspecting retail plaza and an eyebrow threading costs $10!

Do y’all have any other vendors that you love in the Dallas area? If so, please let me know in the comments below! One of the things I love the most is to scope out the best of everything in this city.  Hopefully, LOVEKSZ can be a source for you for your Dallas needs.  #bestofbigdbyloveksz

Photography by: Victoria Blitshtein Photography