My Top Five Quick Tips for Self Care

The year has been quite a whirlwind thus far, so I wanted to share some of my tips self care. I think that we can all get swept up in the fast pace of life, our jobs, families, kids, friends, etc., and forget to take care of ourselves. Here are some of my tips for taking a pause on life and recalibrating:

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1) Take a bath: There’s nothing I love more after a long week than lighting my favorite candles and taking a bath. It gives me time to relax, breathe and decompress.  I just recently got this bathtub tray and now I have somewhere to put my magazines, book and tea (or wineglass 😉 ). I also like to throw in some bath salts or bubbles, depending on what I’m feeling.

2) Listen to a Podcast: One of the ways that I relax is by shutting off my mind, and listening to some incredible people who are rocking at life.  It gives me a different perspective and also ideas about work, potential blog topics and just life in general.  One of my favorite podcasts right now is Being Boss.  If you want to check it out, start with this episode – great business advice from a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Marie Forleo.

3) Work out: I know, I know, even I don’t like doing it. 🙂 I have really tried to get more into working out over the last couple of years.  It all started with my wedding, for which I was doing the 5×5 workout.  This workout is based more on weights and squats, which really helped me tone up.  I’m currently doing the strong curves workout and it’s really helping me strengthen my core! It’s also easy to do and I definitely feel the effects of it (i.e. soreness) as soon as I leave the gym.

4) Journal/Meditate: I wrote about this in my New Years Resolution post where I talk about how I love to hit the pillow when I can! It’s even better when I can write in a beautiful journal like this one!

5) Do something just for you: Go get a mani/pedi, a massage or just sit in the park! Whatever makes you happy and lets you know that you’re making time (even if it’s just 15 minutes) to feed your own soul. 🙂

I would love to hear about what you guys do to relax and decompress.  Let me know in the comments below and Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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