Hey y’all!

When we were planning our trip to New York, I started looking for some cute walking shoes.  From my experience, that has been an oxymoron. 🙂 However, I felt determined to prove myself wrong.  [In the past, I had purchased Clark’s that my husband made fun of me for because they looked so nerdy! So comfy, yet so nerdy!] So I started to scour the internet for recommendations for comfortable walking shoes where you didn’t have to sacrifice on style.  I looked at various shoes and settled on the Pikolinos Alcudia sandals. They are gladiator-style sandals and I got the ones in ‘Brandy.’  I have to say, these are a little more “outdoorsy” than I typically tend to go but I actually love that they’re a little more rugged.

So here’s the scoop, brass tacks:

I took these to New York and wore them for the first day and a half.  They were great and really comfortable at first, but I couldn’t wear them after about a day and a half in the city.  My feet started hurting and there just wasn’t enough cushion for the cobblestone streets and 15,000+ steps that we were doing.  I was bummed because they are so cute and went with all of my travel outfits.  However, on the positive side, they are much more comfortable than my typical summer sandals and provide a lot of support for the very limited walking we do in Dallas. So although I do not recommend them for a city like New York where you walk EVERYwhere, I most certainly recommend them if you’re looking for something with a little bit more support than your average flat/thong sandal.

On our trip, I ended up wearing my Nike sneakers that I absolutely love and are so comfortable.  They are so light and feel like socks.  I was worried that these might not have enough support either, but they were great! (I also wore these the whole time on my recent trip in Seattle and they were great.)

I’m still not giving up hope on finding non-sneakers that are both fashionable and suitable for long-distance walking but I think that tennis shoes / casual athletic shoes will probably be our best bet.  Here are some on my list to try in the future: Adidas Stan Smith & Adidas Gazelle.

If you have any great walking shoes that you recommend for travel, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your suggestions.