Sprucing Up For Summer

Every year around this time, I like to brighten up our house for summer.  Spring has definitely come and gone, which is felt starkly in Texas when the 95+ degrees envelope you. 🙂  Kids are out of school, life seems to slow down (with some intention on my end) and the pool calls my name.

There are several things I like to do to make this transition into the new season:

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1) Plant Fresh Flowers 

This is one of my favorite ways to bring in the new season! I go to our local nursery, pick up some flowers that I pray last longer than a few weeks, and get to work!  Our front doorstep is part-shaded and part-sunny.  Therefore, one of my planters gets a lot of sun (and blooms) and the other, not so much.  I’ve gotten creative in terms of which flowers I pot.  I typically use coleus as the central base and then put begonias all around it.  The coleus is a great shade plant and the purple/green leaves bloom in spades on the shaded side.  On the sunny side, they still bloom but not quite as much. However, on the sunny side, my annuals typically last much longer and I get more flowers on that side.

2) Update the Doormat

Wayfair, Overstock.com and Target are my favorite source for doormats.  (I usually change out my doormat after the winter season in February/March and then replace it for summer around July/August.  I wish my doormats lasted longer but with the rain and just general wear, mine get yucky pretty quickly. There’s tons of websites to peruse but these are where i usually end up getting mine from (probably because they’re affordable and have a large variety to pick from.)  I got the pink pineapple doormat in the pictures above and flagged these as some that I liked: Doormat, Doormat, Doormat, Doormat.
3) Update / Clean the Seat Cushions for the Backyard Table

We moved into our home about 2.5 years ago, and just leveled out the flagstone in our backyard. We have a table and chairs out there, but I’m ready to switch up the seat cushions to bring some life to our outdoor space. I’ll be doing something like this for the cushions (in black & white):

 You can either replace the seat cushions (which is quite expensive!) or just replace / wash the exterior seat cover.  My seat cushions are a tan brown right now and I’m going to have some seat covers made so that I can just wash them when they get dirty.   If you already have seat cushions you love, you can just throw the external covers (if they’re removable of course) in the wash to freshen them up.

4) Update Plants in Backyard Planters

 We have added some planters into our backyard where I’ve planted some hydrangeas.  Super excited to (hopefully) see these bloom! 🙂 I’ll be sharing the planters we got and the blooms I planted in a backyard reveal post sometime in the near future.
5) Get a New Summer-y Phone Case
If I’m feeling frivolous (which is often, yet rarely acted upon), I’ll start looking for a new iPhone case that matches my summer-y mood. ? I got this case and love it! Some other cute ones are linked in the ‘Shop the Look’ gallery above and the links below.
Would love to hear of any ideas I might be missing of getting my home ready for the heat.  What do y’all do to get yourselves and your homes ready?  Let me know in the comments below!

Get the look here: Watermelon Doormat // Welcome Doormat // Watermelon & Strawberry Doormat // Bicycle Doormat // Watermelon & Strawberry Phone Case // Tile Phone Case // Pineapple Phone Case // Ballard Designs Outdoor Chair Cushion

2 thoughts on “Sprucing Up For Summer

  1. I really like the prehistoric looking plant in the planter at the beginning. Can I ask a question from one blogger to another? How do you do the plug-in that says: “shop the look?” I would love to do something similar on my blog.

    1. Thank you so much @polkadotblonde! Yes absolutely: Ok, so if you’re using wordpress, when you’re writing your post, click “add media” and then “create gallery.” Then you can add the images to your gallery and you’ll be able to add links to each individual image. I hope this helps! 🙂 Thanks! <3

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