Teals and Goals

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today I want to talk about goals, specifically goals for H2 (i.e. in business lingo, half two, or the second half of the year). I think it’s super important to think about what you envision for yourself in the year ahead / what you aspire towards and then get it down on paper. There’s something about writing it down (or typing it out) that makes it more real. There’s always hoopla around goal setting in the self-help / coaching (business or personal) world at the start of the year. However I think that it’s just as noteworthy to pause mid-year, reflect, and goal-set for the remaining months. Mind you, your goals might be the exact same as what you started with in January and that’s totally fine. However my bet is you might have a few tweaks to your list! 😉

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Before I get into goals, a quick reflection on the first 6.5 months of the year.  First off, I am so grateful for my husband, family and friends. There’s nothing more important to me than they are and my relationships with them is my first and foremost goal. I’m also incredibly grateful for my career (my day job, lol) and health.  To continue to thrive at work and to keep a healthy lifestyle are also baseline goals and everything else comes after.

So, in terms of my 2017 goals, I think that there’s a lot to be proud of and even more to improve on: I was able to start this blog, which has been an amazing creative outlet.  I’ve focused more on having fun (and ironically not caring as much what people think).  I’ve been doing a decent job of working out and I can definitely improve on the water intake & skincare regimen. ?


Below are my aspirations are for the second half of the year:

1) Be of Service – my goal is to provide you all with fashion trends (typically on sale ?), travel guides and business advice, amongst other things. The current plan is to be publishing a new post twice a week.  (I’m still figuring out which days work best for you and me.)  I hope you come to this blog / my insta page for inspiration and that it truly helps you in your day to day life! [I’d love to hear what YOU want to see more of, so please let me know in the comments below!]

2) Have Fun – repeat offender on this one. I want to try and aim to have fun with everything I’m doing! I know this might sound cheesy but I can take work and life pretty seriously at times and life’s too short for that! This is less challenging to do on the blog because it’s creative and naturally fun.  But all facets of my job aren’t necessarily inherently fun, so I’m going to see how I can infuse some more joy into the tasks I do.

3) Follow my Curiosity – Liz Gilbert uses “curiosity” instead of “passion.” [If you listen to her on this Lewis Howes’ podcast episode, she tells the story of why.]  I think that putting your nose to the scent and following what interests you can lead you to your next great adventure – whether that’s a new blog post, a new friend or a new passion!

Then I can add on all of my beginning of the year 2017 goals from here.  I’d love to hear what your aspirations / goals are for the rest of the year!


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Photography by: Ashley Kay Photography